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If your pregnancy is still in the first trimester, you can legally seek an abortion at your local clinic or hospital. As with all options, having an abortion should be carefully considered. Although your pregnancy will be terminated through this process, it will have an impact on your emotional wellbeing. You may experience post-abortion depression and feelings of guilt and regret.

It is very important that the abortion is conducted in a legally recognised hospital or clinic, as there can be serious health consequences if you choose to abort your child after the first trimester (12 weeks) and through illegal channels. Choosing to abort your child after 12 weeks is a criminal offence, referred to as ‘concealment of birth’, which can carry a jail sentence. Taking illegal medication to abort your child can have dire consequences on your health including the possibility of death.

To help you make this decision, it is advisable that you get hold of a counsellor, social worker, child protection organisation or your local representative of the Department of Social Development who can assist you. You can also visit your local hospital or clinic to discuss this alternative. To find an organisation close to you, please click here. Alternatively, please contact our call centre on 0800 864 658 for immediate assistance

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