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Have you ever wondered how you became pregnant? Or how the process of conception actually works? Well, you are not alone. Many women all over the world don’t quite understand or know the process of how you fall pregnant from the moment sexual intercourse takes place. Below is a simple guideline on how it all works:

Once you have been through puberty and started your menstrual cycle you are then fully developed to fall pregnant and carry a child.

When you have unprotected sex the male ejaculates into the women causing the sperm to travel through the vagina and the uterus, up the fallopian tubes, where, for several days of the month, there is an egg ready and waiting. Only one sperm cell can go into the egg to form the single cell. This is called fertilisation. Once the fertilisation has taken place, the cell starts to divide and form a large group of cells which starts developing into a baby. It takes 9 months for the baby to be fully developed and able to come out the womb.

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